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Once a fortnight we interview one of the Momentum driving team to learn more about them and get some top driving tips. 

Today we have Claire, one of our instructors from the Worcester

Why did you want to become a driving instructor?

As soon as I turned 17, I had a driving lesson on my birthday and
found learning to drive came quite easy to me. I had a lot of practice
before taking my test, about 33 hours with my instructor and private
practice driving to work and back with my Mom. Within 4 months I had
passed my test first time. I loved my new found freedom and would
regularly see advertisements to become a driving instructor but
couldn’t afford the training and then tried other careers that didn’t
really suit or excite me. After 8 years of driving and some time out
of work to go travelling, I revisited the idea of becoming a driving
instructor. When I got home from travelling I decided to invest and
trained for two years while working in a temporary administrative role
which bored me to tears. I have been an instructor for nearly six
years and I am really glad I made the decision to train up. I can work
it around my family commitments with a young family and find it very

How long have you been an instructor?

I qualified in April 2009 so nearly 6 years and plan to stay in this
profession for the foreseeable future.

What do you like most about teaching people to drive?

I love passing on my driving knowledge to new people who come to me
all with different reasons for wanting to pass their driving test. It
is very rewarding job, it’s a good feeling at the end of a lesson
where my learners can recognise what they learned and improved on and
go away happy with their progress.

What car do you use for teaching?

I have a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI

What are the most common mistakes you see pupils make?

Lack of early observation and approaching hazards far too quickly are
common mistakes with all my learners from time to time

What changes would you like to see made to the driving test, if any?

I think the driving test changes which are coming into effect within
the next couple of years are the right way to go to bring the driving
test more into line with modern day driving, for example, driving into
a parking space and reversing out, something people do more of on a
weekly basis at the supermarket, plus the increased use of sat navs in
cars these days. I would like to see compulsory CPD for all drivers on
perhaps a 5-10 year basis to brush up on skills but I’m pretty sure
many wouldn’t agree

What are your top 5 tips for learner drivers?

  • Don’t rush your learning
  • Always check your mirrors and know what is around your vehicle
  • Do everything you possibly can to stay safe on the roads
  • Brake before bends in the road, not on them
  • Be courteous – Accept other drivers mistakes and not get upset about
    them, even the best drivers can have a bad day and do something wrong

If you’d like to get in touch with Claire, please visit the Worcester driving lessons page.