Mark Hall Driving Tips

Whilst you’re still a learner driver, it’s likely your main point of focus is the driving test and not necessarily what comes after it.

As you approach your driving test date, it’s worth thinking about what you’ll need to do after passing. For example, did you know learner driver insurance terminates the moment you pass your driving test, as you are legally no longer a learner? If you answered ‘No’ to this question you may wish to continue reading.

There are a few key things that every learner should have thought about before taking their driving test.

Handing over your provisional licence

Before taking your driving test, you should be prepared to hand over your provisional licence if successful. The examiner will send off for your full licence, on your behalf, which will arrive in your post within 3 weeks.
However, be aware that if the address on your provisional licence does not match your current homing address, or you have a paper licence, do not hand over your provisional. You will need to send off for your own licence by performing the following steps:

  • Complete the deceleration printed on your pass certificate
  • Order and fill in a D1 ‘application for a driving licence’ application
  • Provide a form of original documentation – full list here
  • Along with previously stated documents, mail your provisional licence

What car are you going to use?

Up until now you may have been borrowing the use of another person’s car to do your driving lessons and test.

You could keep doing this after you pass, but one of the benefits of having your full licence is having the freedom to drive where and when you want, without supervision.

These days it’s possible to get a quality new car, on lease, for as little as £99 a month. If you can’t afford the monthly payments or the deposit, you can still get a good quality used car for not too much. Websites like Autotrader are designed to allow people to find low cost cars within their area.

Changing Insurance

As you approach your driving test it’s very important to start considering your insurance options.

If you are successful on your driving test, the first thing you should do is contact your insurer to alert them that you’ve passed, that way they can advise on what to do next and what full licence insurance options they can offer you.

InsureLearnerDriver can offer customers a simple, straightforward transition from learner to full licence policy holder. When you contact the team at InsureLearnerDriver, we can help get you set up with a new insurance policy, that is best suited for you

How much can you afford to spend on Insurance?

It’s no secret that insurance for young drivers is costly, so thinking about how to keep those costs down is definitely something worth considering. Being added as a named driver is a good short term solution but won’t help in the long run. Remember, as a named driver:

  • You have no control over your level of cover, the main policy holder does
  • You can be taken off the insurance at any time by the main policy holder
  • Any claims you have will count against the insurance history of the main policy holder, affecting their no claims bonus
  • You will not receive any no claims history, which is vital for significantly lowering your insurance premium in the future

If you want to get your own insurance policy, but want to keep the costs low, there are options available.

InsureLearnerDriver’s sister company Sky Insurance can significantly reduce your premium with their telematics and limited mileage policies.

Telematics monitor the safety of your driving and at inception the premium on one of these policies is much lower than a policy without it. At renewal, if you’ve shown you are a safe driver, you are likely to see a reduction in your insurance premium again.

You can also whack a little bit more off your insurance by limiting the number of miles you intend to do over your cover period. If you go over that limit you will have to pay a fee, but remain below those miles and you will benefit from the discount.