Learn to drive on our Intensive & Crash Driving Courses in Nottingham.

Nottingham has quite a few automotive claims to fame, being the birthplace of both tarmac and traffic lights! (We are grateful for both). Or perhaps you would be more impressed to find out that HP sauce was actually originally created in Nottingham? The city’s innovative credentials don’t stop there: Nottingham is also the birthplace of ibuprofen, where it was first developed at the Boots research facility!

We are proud to be one of the leading providers of intensive driving courses in the innovative city of Nottingham. With us, you can pass your driving in as little a time as 1 week. The way that we teach you to drive with Momentum combines a results-oriented approach with a competitive pricing structure. Our practical driving crash course in Nottingham means you can start learning to drive straightaway, only one assessment lesson needed.

Learning to drive with Momentum Driving School:

  • Professional teaching methods from qualified driving instructors
  • Great test pass rates
  • Economical course pricing

Driving Crash Course Nottingham

If you want to get results fast, get in touch today with one our local Nottingham driving instructors to find out more about passing your driving test in 7 days with Momentum Driving School. Book your driving assessment in Nottingham now: for only £15 you get a full 1 hour assessment lesson with a qualified driving instructor.

Approved Driving Instructors in this area: