At Momentum Driving School we offer Intensive Driving Courses (also known as a Driving Crash Course) in Birmingham and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Birmingham, heart of the Black Country, is a city that makes others green with envy with its plentiful trees and parks. Surprisingly, Birmingham actually has more miles of canals than Venice, many of them carved out during the city’s big industrial boom. Birmingham is also the home of the pneumatic tyre- so it’s the perfect place to learn how to drive! We can help you navigate this sprawling city, relying on our years of extensive Birmingham driving experience.

Momentum are the leading provider of intensive driving courses in Birmingham and its surrounding area; with us you can you pass your test in as little as 7 days! Our unique way of learning to drive provides affordable driving lessons combined with a high test pass rate. Our driving crash course is a more efficient way of learning to drive.

Driving Crash Course Birmingham

Get in touch with one of our local Birmingham driving instructors today to learn how you can pass your driving test in 7 days with Momentum Driving School. Only £15 for your first assessment lesson.

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